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Standby or listening to public opinion?

Standby or listening to public opinion? Sir, An information has stirred much smaller world of education and particularly bloggers teachers during the weekend. It is this call for a "day before the opinion on behalf of the Ministry of National Education" Extract: "The monitoring system is in question, particularly on the Internet at: Identify themes policy (sustainable, predictable and emerging) Identify and analyze strategic sources or structuring opinion Identify opinion leaders, whistleblowers and analyze their potential for influence and their ability to form a network Decrypt sources debates and their propagation modes Identify meaningful information (particularly weak signals) Follow meaningful information in time Addressing quantitative indicators (volume of contributions, number of comments, hearing, etc.) Bringing this information and interpret and anticipate assess the risks of contagion and crisis Alert and advocate in consequence5.1.2 monitored Sources watches over Internet port era of strategic online sources: websites "commentators" of news, protest, informative, participatory, policies, etc. It thus focus on online media sites unions, political parties, thematic or regional portals, activists websites of associations, or alternative protest movements, opinion leaders. The day will also focus on general motors, general public and specialized forums, blogs, personal pages, social networks, as well as calls and online petitions, and other broadcast formats (videos) I thought at first was a hoax and took some precautions before disseminating information (oh, yes blogs are not necessarily "nests rumor" …). So I conducted a small survey … A little investigation The info was initially put on a website called Fabula, which launches this document pdf document seems to come from a tender. All government tenders are grouped on a site called "inter market place." But you can not access it (must be registered) It seems to emanate from the delegation to the communication ministry But on page is not found the pdf in question. in the end, thanks to a running mate from the list crap-notebooks, we found the reference to the official newspaper (it was enough to think about it …) the info s is also found on Bellaciao and on such other sites here and there … and since yesterday about a dozen others and the information ceases to be amplified since a site like rue 89 has done a paper on it … Nicolas Princen is not alone. the little research I especially recalled that this is a fairly common practice. in fact, of similar tenders have been launched in other ministries in recent months at the initiative of the Govern Information Service ment (GIS) (and its new director Thierry Saussez) and also at the Elysee. There there, a "gentleman eve of the opinion" that is called Nicolas Princen and is in post since March 2008 … So this call is the logical continuation of the things on this issue of "eve of the opinion", we can also read a good summary on the website of Marianne. Do not watch the view … Sir, this may surprise you, the eve of the opinion does not shock me. Blogs and forums are now an important form of expression of public opinion. And the Internet is an important channel for information flow. So it seems natural that pays attention. For me, it’s been over five years since I blog on the topic of education and six years that I host with other team Pedagogical Notebooks. We claim to be good connoisseurs of the education system and a good sounding board for what is said and lived in halls of teachers and in the halls of teachers. So I would be very upset if my blog and if the educational notebooks were not the subject of a careful and regular watch! Because that would mean that we would not be fulfilling the mission we have assigned. I hope you even we already read Mr. Minister. That’s what you told me when we crossed the plateau of Responses broadcast just before the start of the recording. So I hope you will read even if I am increasingly convinced that reading anti-peda is more your cup do my homework english
of tea sites. … listen to her ! But please, Mr. Minister, do not just watch this view seems at once worry. Listen to her ! For your recent statements do not go in the direction of listening, it’s the least we can say. When you still declare in a recent interview "When told on October 19," the teachers have shown ", they were 97% do not do it." We can not say that this is the sign of a great listen. If you listen a little more teachers, you would see that-contrary to the preconceived idea that you Lunge again – they are not resistant to change, but they require time to avoid DIY and perverse effects. If you were listening to them, you would know also that they do not demand PLUS means but simply that we stop to remove, you will read the word of people who in their vast majority are passionate about their work and their mission but which are now stunned and discouraged … in short, instead of spending large sums for the "eve of the opinion," I suggest you subscribe via an RSS aggregator (if you do not know what you c is, ask a specialist in ICT in the ministry, there are plenty) to several sites like this blog, the pedagogical Papers, teaching Cafe, education and politics, and many others (look in the column left of this blog) … it’s free and you will see, we learn many things. At the risk of repeating myself, do not just watch (and punish? I dare believe). Consider what is said there! Posted by Watrelot to Sunday, November 9, 2008


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